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7 Blogs to Help You Learn Excel FOR FREE!

One of the things I love about Office 365 is that Microsoft has made web-enabled versions of each application available online at This means that, in addition to being able to create and update spreadsheets using the desktop version of Excel, you can log in to Microsoft’s web portal from any device with an Internet connection and get things done.

With so many of Excel’s features available on your desktop and on the web, it just seems logical that you’d be able to learn about Excel online as well. The fact that so many blogs share articles and tutorials on Microsoft Excel for free is a huge bonus!

Welcome to part 5 of my Insider’s Guide to Free Online Excel Training. This time, we’re going to look at 7 blogs that can help you learn Excel for free.

Can I Learn Excel by Reading Blog Articles?

The Internet has always been a great way for people to share ideas and communicate with others. Blogs have been useful online resources for decades but they aren’t necessarily the best way for everyone to learn Excel.

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Blogs are a very much a self-serve option in the same way that books are. You have to be committed to learning Excel and set aside time on a regular basis, if you want to acquire new skills.

If you’re the type of person who can buy a book like Microsoft Excel 2019 Step by Step and read it while working through various practice exercises on your own, you’ll get a lot of value from the broad range of blogs available online – and it won’t cost you a thing!

Let’s take a look at how bloggers make money then I’ll recommend a few blogs that I think are worth a look.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Blogs are a great way to communicate with others and share information with the masses but why would a blogger give expert knowledge away for free when training companies all over the world offer paid Excel courses?

For consultants and trainers, there are many benefits to writing a blog and sharing their Excel knowledge for free.

Some bloggers make money with advertising. Other bloggers provide useful content to readers for free, then offer consulting services or paid training to users who might be interested.

Blogs are a great way for Excel experts to demonstrate a deep knowledge of spreadsheets. By providing free content to their readers, bloggers earn an opportunity to market additional services to them over time.

Best Blogs for Learning Excel for Free in 2021

If you’re someone who is committed to acquiring new Excel skills and you’re interested in learning about Excel for free, the following blogs provide amazing value.

Here is my list of the best blogs for learning Excel for free in 2021!

1) Microsoft’s Excel Help & Learning Page

The Excel Help & Learning page at Microsoft

It makes sense that the first blog I recommend belongs to Microsoft. I mean, who knows the world’s most popular spreadsheet application better than the company that created it?

Think of it this way. Microsoft is a huge organization and has been the market leader in productivity software for decades. They have an entire staff dedicated to developing new features for Excel and documenting how to use them.

Begin your Excel journey here. Check out the Excel help & learning page at Microsoft!

2) ExcelJet

ExcelJet logo

Another blog that offers a wealth of Excel knowledge is ExcelJet. This site covers almost every conceivable topic related to Excel.

The site’s creator, Dave Bruns, is very knowledgeable and has a laid-back presentation style that makes learning Excel easy.

When you’re ready to increase your Excel knowledge, head over to ExcelJet… you’ll be glad you did!

3) The Excel Section on GCFGlobal

GCF Global logo

GCFGlobal has some of the highest quality eLearning materials I’ve ever seen on a blog. If you want to learn Excel from the basics all the way through to advanced topics, I think you’ll be impressed with their online curriculum too.

4) Excel Campus

Excel Campus logo

Jon Acampora’s blog is well-known in the Excel community. It’s organized and the content is easy to read. Most articles come with a YouTube video and practice files to provide a better learning experience and help you apply what you’ve learned.

One look at this blog and you will instantly understand why Jon was awarded Microsoft’s MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award. Make sure you check out Excel Campus!

5) TrumpExcel

TrumpExcel logo

Another blogger who has been around for quite a while is India’s Sumit Bansal. Sumit started TrumpExcel in 2013 and has written more about Excel than most of us will ever need to know. The blog is organized into categories and the articles are very well written.

If you’re looking for a structured approach to learning Excel, check out Sumit’s Free Online Excel Training. It’s a fantastic course and it won’t cost you a thing!

6) Excel Easy

Excel Easy logo

It seems like Excel Easy has been online forever. If you search for almost any Excel related topic in Google, this blog is sure to be on the first page. I recommend Excel Easy for anyone looking to become more proficient in Excel, one well-explained concept at a time!

7) Spreadsheeto

Spreadsheeto logo

Last, but by nomeans least, on my list of top Excel blogs is Spreadsheeto. If I’m being candid, I think part of the reason I like this site so much is because the name just makes me smile!

But there is more to Spreadsheeto than a catchy name… Kasper Langmann and Mikkel Sciegienny are based in Denmark and they know Excel inside and out. I can confidently recommend this blog, to anyone who wants to increase their Excel knowledge. Be sure to check it out!

By Michael Belfry

Working as a full-time training consultant, Michael provides Microsoft Office courses to government and private sector clients across Canada.