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Excel Training in Toronto & the GTA

Companies use Excel for many purposes. Our Microsoft Excel training courses in Toronto and the GTA cover all of the topics your group will need to develop next-level spreadsheet skills.

Microsoft Excel Training in Toronto & the GTA

Excel Level 1

An overview of the basics in the world’s leading spreadsheet application.

  • Work efficiently in Excel
  • Basic formulas and functions
  • Conditional formatting

Excel Level 2

The intermediate Excel course goes beyond the basics covered in Level 1.

  • Advanced functions
  • Linking formulas
  • Charts

Excel Level 3

Two advanced courses cover data analysis to support business decision making.

  • Data lists and tables
  • Advanced formulas and reports
  • Pivot tables and charts
In-person training

Onsite Excel Training in Toronto & the GTA

We offer onsite Excel training in Toronto and the GTA. Our instructors can provide any of the Excel courses we offer in your organization’s training room or meeting room.

Online Courses

All of our Excel training offerings are available as online courses. Excel courses can be delivered by a live instructor via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Online course

Excel Courses FAQ

What’s included with your Microsoft Excel training courses?

Our hands-on Excel courses are facilitated by a live instructor and come with a course manual, hands-on exercises, and 30 days of post-training support.

What does advanced Excel training cover?

We have two advanced courses. Our advanced Excel courses cover sorting, filtering, summary reports, pivot tables, data analysis, financial functions, and many other advanced features.

Do you offer instructor-led training courses?

Instructor-led training, combined with hands-on exercises has been proven to boost skills retention. All of our Excel courses are facilitated by a live instructor.

Which advanced course should I take to learn about pivot tables?

Our Excel Level 3 Data Management course covers data lists, sorting, filtering, advanced formulas, and pivot tables.

What does basic Excel training cover?

Our Excel Level 1 course covers the basics. Key topics include formulas, functions, and conditional formatting.

Will your Microsoft Excel courses help me prepare for certification?

While our in-person and online training can help you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams, they are not specifically designed for this purpose.

Are Excel basics a prerequisite for the intermediate and advanced levels?

If your group is familiar with the basics, you don’t have to schedule the Excel Level 1 course before moving on to the intermediate and advanced levels.

Where can I find out more about the Microsoft Office Specialist certification?

Check out our Microsoft Excel certification guide for more information on the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

What does intermediate Excel training cover?

Our Excel Level 2 course builds on topics covered in Excel Level 1. Key concepts include worksheet organization, linking formulas, advanced functions, and charts.