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On-Site or Onsite: Which is Correct?

The word on-site is often hyphenated. It is typically used to describe a facility or service provided at a particular location.

Apartment buildings frequently have an on-site gym. They usually have on-site laundry facilities. Office buildings might have on-site childcare and dry cleaning.

Traditionally, on-site has been spelled with a hyphen but, these days, the word often appears without a hyphen. The name of this website is!

Should Onsite be Hyphenated?

As the English language evolves, it’s becoming more common to see words that used to be hyphenated spelled without the hyphen. So, which is correct: on-site or onsite?

Black man wearing glasses appears to be confused

Let’s check in with the experts!

Merriam-Webster indicates that the correct spelling is with the hyphen (on-site). The Cambridge Dictionary includes both versions (on-site and onsite), while the American Heritage dictionary omits the hyphen (onsite).

Clear as mud, right?

What is the correct spelling: on-site or onsite? Both versions are acceptable but the trend seems to be moving toward omitting the hyphen.

How Do You Use Onsite in a Sentence?

Here are a couple of sentences that use the word onsite (and on-site).

Example #1: My company provides onsite training to government and private sector clients throughout North America.

Example #2: We found a vacation property with on-site fitness facilities.

My Thoughts on the On-Site vs Onsite Debate

It wasn’t that long ago that bumblebee and ice cream were both hyphenated. Now, bumble-bee and ice-cream look a little strange.

In closing, I would suggest that if you have an issue omitting the hyphen from onsite, maybe you should stop being such a crybaby (formerly cry-baby)!

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By Michael Belfry

Working as a full-time training consultant, Michael provides Microsoft Office courses to government and private sector clients across Canada.