Microsoft Outlook Training

We offer 2 levels of Microsoft Outlook training.

Outlook Level 1
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Outlook Level 2
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Outlook Level 1

Training available for Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2019 or Outlook for Office 365. Delivery via Online LIVE.

Course Content

Understanding the Outlook Environment
Outlook concepts, getting started, working in Outlook, creating and customizing notes, working with RSS feeds, using Outlook help.

Communicating with E-mail Messages
Creating and sending messages, replying to, forwarding, and deleting messages.

Working with Contacts
Managing contacts, tracking communications in the Journal.

Managing Messages
Creating contact groups, organizing, sorting, and finding messages, managing junk e-mail.

Managing Tasks
Creating, editing, and deleting tasks, organizing and tracking tasks.

Scheduling and Managing Appointments
Scheduling appointments, managing appointments, calendar options.

Managing Meetings
Scheduling meetings, rescheduling and cancelling meetings.

Printing Outlook Items
Selecting print styles and printing messages, printing schedules and contact lists.

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Outlook Level 2

Training available for Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2019 or Outlook for Office 365. Delivery via Online LIVE. Prerequisite: Outlook Level 1.

Course Content

Managing Folders
Categories, Rules Wizard, filtering a view.

Using Advanced Message Features
Organizing messages, using signatures and stationery, controlling messages, message notifications.

Working with Others
Sharing and viewing calendar data, working with contact vCards, assigning and responding to tasks, processing e-mail messages using Quick Steps, creating meeting requests from e-mail messages.

Customizing Workflow
Working with templates, customizing forms.

Sharing Folder Access and Archiving Outlook Items
Working with shared folders, delegating folder access, archiving outdated items.

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Microsoft Outlook is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. onsite‑ provides Outlook training but is not affiliated with Microsoft.