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onsite-training.com has partnered with Excel Rescue to provide our valued clients with Excel consulting services.

Excel Experts With the Skills You Need

The consultants at Excel Rescue are standing by and ready to solve your Excel problems! You’ll get one-on-one access to an experienced developer who is fully qualified to assist you with a range of Excel spreadsheet, macro, and VBA scripting tasks.

If the folks on your team don’t have the time or expertise to solve your complex Excel problems, it might make sense to simply assign the task to an expert.

Get Ready to Start Crossing Excel Tasks Off Your To-Do List!

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How the Excel Consulting Service Works

01. Describe Your Task

Describe the Excel task you need to complete. Excel Rescue assigns the task to one of their experienced developers.

02. Excel Rescue Confirms the Task

The developer reviews your task, provides pricing, then waits for your authorization to proceed with the work.

03. Your Task is Complete!

Once Excel Rescue receives payment, the developer gets to work on your task and notifies you when the work is complete.

Delegate Your First Excel Task Now!

Excel Rescue’s consultants will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement if your data is confidential – and all of their work comes with a money back guarantee.

You’ve got nothing to lose!

Don’t get bogged down dealing with complicated spreadsheet problems. Delegate your Excel tasks to an experienced consultant and free up time to focus on higher priority matters.